Celadon bud vase - porcelain

Home & Kitchen
This little Celadon bud vase is subtlety embossed with a delicate leaf pattern. Celadon refers to the pale green glaze of the ancient Chinese stoneware. While celadon is produced through out Asia, with each country having its own unique shade, it originated in China, where porcelains and ceramics were first invented. These small vases are perfect for putting flowers in little spaces like bathrooms or kitchen windows. The cool green color contrasts well with the dark green of leaves and the bright bouquet of floral bloom. Summer annuals, cut wild flowers or even stems of fresh herbs for the week's cooking will look festive and distinguished. Reorient offers 3 different style in our collection of Celadon bud vases on Amazon, search for them all.

Hand glazed porcelain
Soft cool seafoam green
Cute little bud vase
Size: 2.5"H x 3"W
Made in China