Enzymatic Therapy - Fiber Fusion Berry, 5.7 powder

Dietary Fibers
Keep your system cleansed and running smoothly with Fiber Fusion! It promotes regularity and supports the body's ability to remove toxins. Most Americans consume only about half of the recommended fiber intake each day. Fiber Fusion Daily Cleansing Fiber gives you a tasty, non-gritty way to help fill your daily fiber requirement and keep things moving! The Incrediberry flavor gives you a delicious fiber source! Fiber Fusion: Daily cleanse to promote regularity and renew your system Ideal for use between Enzymatic Therapy's Whole Body Cleanse detoxification programs Patent-pending True Dispersion Technology for fiber that mixes easily with no gritty taste or clumping.

5.7 Ounces Powder
Serving Size: 1 well-rounded teaspoon (6 g)
30 Servings Per Container
Dairy Free