The Saxon Gospel, or Heliand: An Epic Life of the Savior in a New Realization of the Poem (Verse Gospels and Public Celebration)

Contemporary English
The first monument of real Christianity among the Saxons was the Heliand, an epic on the life of Christ in Old Saxon alliterative verse, dating from about 830. The original work attempted to make the newly imposed Christian religion intelligible to the warlike Saxons. The Heliand, extant in four manuscripts, and the fragmentary Old Saxon Genesis, are all that remain of Old Saxon poetry.This poetic harmony of the Gospels employs modern English alliterative verse couplets, in a complex structure of 75 cantos, to generate a vigorous retelling of the story of the Christ in a swaggering, epic tale reminiscent of Arthurian legends.Jabez L. Van Cleef takes foundational texts from many oral traditions and religions and creates a common poetic format to preserve, promote and disseminate the values of these cultures. His work promotes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other frameworks intended to foster full realization of human potential. Find out more by visiting